Monday Night Bitcoin Presented by eToro

George Mekhail

Monday Night Bitcoin Presented by eToro

We had a blast in L.A. at our inaugural event and our team is back in the lab making plans to host you and your Bitcoin Rookie friends in the future. As we continue to unpack all of the great content and learnings from Sept 1st, we want to keep building on the positive momentum we started together at Hudson Loft. SO, we’ve joined forces with our title sponsor eToro to bring you Monday Night Bitcoin: a weekly giveaway of the most coveted Bitcoin gear and Satoshi kickbacks for contestants. Over the next 17 weeks (the length of the regular season), we’re bringing you multiple chances to win these great prizes thanks to sponsors like HTC, Lightning Pizza, Casa, DropBit and many others!

For MNB Week 1, the top prize is an HTC Exodus One cryptophone ($699 Value). All you have to do is follow a few Twitter accounts to enter and you could win your very own brand new device. We’re also giving away a Bitcoin is_ branded drawstring bag with a few other BIS goodies inside, including Russell Okung’s signature “Bitcoin is FREEDOM_” pin.

Even if you’re not one of the lucky winners during the Week 1 giveaway, you can try again the following week. And then again the following week. And then just keep doing that all season on Monday nights. The steps to entry will change as the weeks go on. We’ll switch up the prizes and introduce you to more of our sponsors. We’ll sprinkle in Bitcoin is_ content, videos, and other surprises along the way.

But first things first, are you ready for some Bitcoin? ENTER NOW!