HTC Exodus One Explained

Phil Chen

HTC Exodus One Explained

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The following post was written by Phil Chen, @philchen913 DCO @htcexodus.

EXODUS describes a journey, a freeing of people from the constraints of the entrenched tech taskmasters, ever-present in our lives through our devices.

That journey is of creating your own identity and the ability to govern and sustain yourself through bitcoin.  

That is the journey we are leading and the opportunity we are providing to people globally, through a crypto smartphone.

At HTC, we call the EXODUS a pocket bank or hand held bank. That’s because everyone is capable of having a Swiss bank account in their pocket and access to the basic financial tools needed to thrive and grow – the ability to buy, sell, trade, lend and borrow – anywhere in the world. With an EXODUS you can buy bitcoin with your credit card, trade your bitcoin on an exchange for other crypto currencies or even fiat currencies, send and receive bitcoin directly with your friends like cash, and lend and borrow, similar to a bank. These are the foundational tools for banking.

There are more smartphones than underbanked people. Giving them an EXODUS means giving them universal access to basic finance. That’s a powerful force.

The internet has acted as a catalyst and platform for great change in our society and the ability for people to connect and interact with the world on a level that was previously unimaginable.

The smartphone revolution, coupled with the great power of the internet, gave a majority of the world’s population a computer in their pocket.

Globally, there are more people with smartphones than with bank accounts and around 2 smartphones for every person alive today.

Most importantly, unlike banking and financial accounts, smartphone penetration has reached even the poorest of nations, giving them a lifeline to the rest of the world.

The future of finance is handheld and that transition is finally starting to take a real foothold thanks to the advent of crypto.

We are so far down the digital age, on the great journey of the internet but there is still one problem – no one has yet defined digital property.

The general smartphone market has plateaued. Innovation on this wave is coming to an end. Many manufacturers are still trying to push the boundaries on such things as cameras, but those developments and improvements are becoming ever more incremental.

What’s needed is a whole new offering for people globally. Crypto phones and bitcoin offers this chance. A chance to have access to financial tools and be your own bank, to own your own keys, to verify your own identity and transactions.

EXODUS is putting the power in users hands through crypto, it is the ultimate journey from being a data prisoner with a high-end camera to a device that gives you financial freedom and an offering of a brighter, independent future.

I realized quite some time ago that only a handful of big players can truly innovate because of the amount of data that is siloed in these organizations. Until that power is reversed and given back to the people, then real innovation will be in the hands of the few. bitcoin is the answer.

If we want people to be able to govern themselves, pay themselves, pay others and get access to the financial tools necessary to participate in our globalized economies, we need them to adopt bitcoin. The quickest and most efficient path to this is via a powerful smartphone that is built for the modern age of crypto. The EXODUS is the first smartphone for this new world and allows true ownership of your bitcoin. You own your own keys, so you can verify your own transactions. It is the only true way to own bitcoin and utilize its full powers.

We hope everyone joins this journey, this EXODUS, to a better, brighter and bitcoin full future.