Join the Bitcoin Economy

Bitcoin is a paradigm shift. The best way to get started is to experience it for yourself. Below is a curated roadmap with simple steps to help you join the bitcoin economy. If you get stuck, drop us a note.
Let's Get Started
Download Fold App
Play the Daily Wheel to Win Free Sats

The home of the world's first and best sats back debit card. Also the easiest way to buy gift cards with Bitcoin. Featuring a daily wheel to win free Bitcoin.

Download Strike App
Your Bank Account Speaks Bitcoin Now

Welcome to your Bitcoin checking account. Now your bank account is able to speak Bitcoin. Use to pay Bitcoin invoices using your fiat bank balances and also use it to get paid in Bitcoin.

Download Casa Wallet
Don't Leave Your Sats on Exchanges

Every Bitcoiner needs to have their own secure wallet so they don't keep any Bitcoin on exchanges. Every sat you get paid through strike app and every sat you earn through fold app, make sure you are withdrawing to casa.

Find a LibertyX Location Near You
Bitcoin on Every Block

We get it. Some of us are more tactile than others and we want to get out in the world and see some Bitcoin in action. Use LibertyX to find a Bitcoin ATM or cash counter in your neighborhood. Pull up to a 7-Eleven or CVS with the LibertyX app and dump some physical fiat for Bitcoin, it hits different.

Join a Meet Up
Physical Community Matters

So many Bitcoiners have realized the power of talking with other solution focused people face to face, let us help you find a group in your area or let us help you start a group.

Watch Bitcoin Is on Youtube
Watch Bitcoin Is on Youtube

We are starting a 10 week series on the book Thank God for Bitcoin on January 25th, join us live or watch on Youtube!

Schedule a One on One Session
Email Us to Schedule

We love talking to people. If you want a step by step plan for how to join the Bitcoin economy after following everything on this page. Email us and find a time to meet.

Now What?

Now that you have the all the mobile apps you need to interact with the Bitcoin economy it's time to start using them.

Daily - Play the Fold spin everyday 7 days in a row and you receive a 1,000 sat bonus at the end of the week.

Weekly - Use the Fold debit card to shop at legacy world merchants who still take credit cards and you'll receive sats back. If you're lucky enough to have Bitcoin merchants in your area you can use your Strike app to shop with them.

Monthly - Make sure you are stacking sats monthly and that at the end of every month you have more sats than you started with. There is a convenient and easy to use buy button inside Casa Wallet that will purchase Bitcoin straight into your wallet or you can also use Strike app to send Bitcoin to your Casa Wallet.


How do I get paid in Bitcoin like Russell Okung is?

Sign up for Strike's payday product HERE

How do I buy Bitcoin?

You can buy Bitcoin with the Casa Wallet, Strike App, and at LibertyX. You can earn Bitcoin back on purchases with Fold App.

I can't afford a whole Bitcoin, what do I do?

The base unit of Bitcoin are called sats (short for Satoshi), just start stacking sats, anyone can do it for any amount of fiat!

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