Join the Bitcoin Economy

Bitcoin is a paradigm shift. The best way to get started is to experience it for yourself. Below is a curated roadmap with simple steps to help you join the bitcoin economy. If you get stuck, drop us a note.
Let's Get Started
Earn & Spend
Get Your First Sats

You don't have to start with a whole bitcoin. You can earn or buy smaller amounts called "sats". When you sign-up for Fold, using the code "BITCOINIS" you'll get 20,000 bonus sats. Next time you shop at merchants like Amazon & Uber, Fold gives you additional bitcoin rewards.

Carry & Wear
Physical Bitcoin

Bitcoin is diamonds without the blood. Cash without the corruption. Gold without the weight. The best way to experience full, verified ownership of your value is to physically hold it in your hand. When you're ready, grab a Pre-Loaded OpenDime to Carry & Wear your sats on a customized USB thumb drive.

Transfer & Use
Moving Your Sats

By now you've earned and physically held your first bitcoin, let's get comfortable making a couple transfers. It's good to start with small amounts, keeping in mind the irreversible nature of bitcoin transactions. Follow the steps to setting up a bitcoin wallet using Casa, and experiment with taking full control of your money.

Learn & Grow
Deepen Your Knowledge

We've covered the basics, but there is much more to learn about Bitcoin. Tune into Monday Night Bitcoin, check out the books at our online store and explore our library of Flashcards. Sign-up for our newsletter and we'll let you know as we add more steps to this roadmap!

Transact & Send
Bitcoin in Commerce

Did you know Bitcoin has a second layer? If you've made it this far through our curated steps, you're ready to start sending around some Bitcoin on the Lightning Network. Fastest way to get started is by downloading Strike and Wallet of Satoshi.

Secure & Save
Coming Soon

Multi-Sig 🔐

Control & Verify
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