One Bitcoin is divided into 100,000,000 satoshis commonly abbreviated to sats. Sats are the base unit of Bitcoin.

For a pre coiner to become a newcoiner you don’t have to buy or own a whole bitcoin, start with sats. Owning just 21 million sats will put you in the top 100 million bitcoiners in the world and because of the hard cap that will never change as long as you hold onto those sats.

Every day that the world continues going through the transition of people waking up to Bitcoin it's becoming more and more difficult to acquire a whole bitcoin. The unit bias still trips some people up and they believe Bitcoin is too expensive because the exchange rate to acquire a whole Bitcoin is outside of their reach.

Bitcoin is a network of digital scarcity that acts as great money. Anyone can realize the value of the network by opting in, whether you own a lot or a little you're all apart of a fair network that is exactly opposite to the way our current financial network works.

Sats are the base unit of Bitcoin. A cool Bitcoiner Matt Odell coined this phrase "Stay Humble. Stack Sats"