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Pre-coiners are individuals who most likely know a bitcoiner and are slowly learning more about bitcoin but don’t own any bitcoin yet themselves. Great examples of pre coiners are friends, family members, co-workers who have all heard of Bitcoin but aren’t exactly sure where to start.

Pre-coiners or Rookies, are just beginning to gain exposure to Bitcoin and its implications. There are many resources online that are geared towards newbies, but it can be overwhelming and intimidating to sort through them and determine which are reliable.

Because Bitcoin is a fully decentralized network, there is no singular voice or marketing department that speaks on its behalf. Naturally, the resources that exist, tend to speak from the perspective of those who are already bitcoiners. This means if you have expertise in cryptography, software development, economics, finance or engineering, you will have more success finding guides that articulate Bitcoin in terms that you already understand.

However, if your background is not specific to those fields, navigating the Bitcoin space as a pre-coiner can be tricky.

The term "Pre-Coiner" is meant to be affectionate in that it assumes the person in question will, at some future time, come to embrace bitcoin. The expression is useful in giving the benefit of the doubt that someone is "on the journey" to discovering bitcoin but hasn't fully fallen down the bitcoin rabbit hole...yet.

Bitcoiners use the term in a spirit of good will and as a subtle invitation to draw the person into the fold. This is different than a "no-coiner" which typically refers to someone who is opposed to Bitcoin or has already concluded their intention to reject the notion entirely.

A popular meme in Bitcoin, the "one of us" gif, is often used when a pre-coiner makes a positive statement or arrives at an insightful conclusion regarding bitcoin.