The hodl meme was born out of the ____ cycle. Literally translated it means Hold On for Deal Life and is the battle cry of bitcoiners everywhere. Hodl and Hold on interchangeable because it means to hold onto your sats and not sell no matter how rocky the volatility gets.

Dan Held recently said Hodl to him means your commitment to a new paradigm. Bitcoin changes your relationship to money and hodling your sats no matter what the USD exchange rate is doing means you are a part of helping the world move to better money.

Hodl literally translated from the reddit meme where it originated stands for Hold on for Dear Life. The world is going through a transition and the incumbent financial system is being disrupted. Hodling through the volatility and not being swayed by the day to day exchange rate of Bitcoin to USD is how we all work together to bring peace and freedom that is possible with an open accessible and fair financial network.