Bitcoin Circular Economy (n) A closed loop system that designs out government printed fiat currencies

Chef Rick

Chef Rick is the OG chef of the Orange County Bitcoin Network, get his Friday meals delivered straight to your house anywhere in Orange County

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Goleta Grown Organics Boundry

Known simply as Goleta Grown. Get farm fresh produce with Bitcoin.

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Privacy Pros

Privacy Pros is the maker of the Billfodl. The most secure way to store your crypto wallet backup offline, safe from hackers and acts of god.

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Primal Pastures

Really really high quality food bought with really really high quality money.

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Tacos La Estrella

Tacos La Estrella is a recent addition to the growing Southern California Bitcoin Circular Economy. They are open 24/7 at 271 Foothill Blvd in Rialto, CA

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Apostles Firearms Academy

We teach the fundamentals of firearms safety, handling, and application.

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