The Saylor Strategy

How CEO of MicroStrategy Michael Saylor Gives Bitcoiners Even More Hope

By: George Mekhail @gmekhail

No Pushing People Down The Rabbit Hole

If you are reading this, there’s a good chance you consider yourself a Bitcoiner which means you possess an incredibly potent secret. The exact definition of who is a Bitcoiner and who isn’t will continue to be widely disputed, so let’s put it aside for now. Let’s just assume you are here for the long term transformation of society and are most compelled by seeing the corruption and immorality of fiat currency eliminated. The challenge Bitcoiners face is in the delicate balance between possessing this rare insight and communicating its implications effectively. On one hand, we realize we have THE solution to MOST of humanity’s biggest problems. On the other hand, this claim can sound a bit audacious even to our own orange-pilled sensibilities. Bitcoin Fixes This isn’t just a fun meme to us, its the reality we’ve embraced given the information we possess.

Being a Bitcoiner is an incredibly grounding experience that isn’t shaken by the constant chaos of the outside world. We are force Fed false narratives on a daily basis by zombie institutions who are on their way to obsolescence, yet our sats keep us secure. We are not moved by the USD exchange rate or swayed by attention given to NFTs, lol. We are not distracted by the bread and circus de jour and instead we’re focused on finding ways to manifest the abundant future we understand is imminent. Bitcoin simply is. (The previous sentence is complete, read it again).

Still, there is a burden in possessing such a powerful secret.

We want people to come to grips with how high the stakes truly are, but valuing our time now more than ever, we don’t want to waste it trying to convince those stubbornly entrenched in the Old World.  

We want Number to Go Up now, but also recognize we will forever be haunted when looking back at these ridiculously cheap sats and wondering if we could have been more aggressive.

We want to relate to people and help them see what we see, but somehow, we understand that you can’t be pushed down the rabbit hole, you gotta crawl in on your hands and knees.

Recently I’ve found comfort in recognizing that those who get it will get it and there is nothing to force. The writing is on the wall. The pieces are falling in place, and brilliant minds and accomplished business leaders are willingly jumping down the rabbit hole with barely a nudge.

The Saylor Strategy

Overnight Bitcoiner, CEO of MicroStrategy and Literal Rocket Scientist Michael Saylor is the most recent leader to gain credibility as an influential voice of reason among us ordinary Bitcoiners. Dubbed “GigaChad” by Marty Bent, his emergence will be another critical chapter in the evolution towards a global Bitcoin Standard. What’s most instructive and impressive about Saylor’s story is how quickly this man dove into the rabbit hole, shepherding his multi-million dollar peers and stakeholders of his publicly traded company along with him. Billion dollar companies don’t often shift the fundamentals of their entire economic model in a matter of months. MicroStrategy’s impressively decisive leadership team and board of directors, however, have been gradually accumulating half a billion dollars worth of Bitcoin since around the Corona Crash in March of this year.

There are many reasons to be excited about MicroStrategy’s entry into Bitcoin. But the most impactful element of this moment is the annihilation of any excuses which previously lingered within corporate boardrooms. It was once reasonable to dismiss Bitcoin out of hand, but an unwillingness to take Bitcoin seriously is rapidly becoming fiscal self-sabotage of the highest order. In a matter of a few months, the notion of a publicly trading company acquiring and holding Bitcoin has gone from somewhat unfathomable to now urgently worthy of exploration, thanks to Saylor’s leadership. GigaChad, indeed. So which company or industry will follow next? Who are the Bitcoiners who are working regular fiat jobs or leading corporations at the executive level, subtly dripping a sense of urgency on their leadership teams?

Thanks to my Bitcoin meetup, I can tell you, there are a lot of us out there waiting for the perfect opportunity to implement our own iteration of the Saylor Strategy.

Bitcoining IRL is Essential

It’s okay to use Bitcoin as a verb. Try it. As we’ve been talking about for some time, the most meaningful way to embrace the real-time societal shift taking place beneath our feet is to find others who are likeminded and join them in the flesh. Bitcoiners in real life is what we’re encouraging above all else here at Bitcoin is_. Why? Because when Bitcoiners come together, we reinforce our conviction, reignite our passion and recommit to our shared mission for a better future. We refuse to fall in line with the patterns of the world around us and are low key embracing the ridicule directed at us when we decide to congregate.

I’ve started avoiding the phrase “Bitcoiners don’t agree on everything” cause its not super helpful. I literally don’t know anyone who I agree with on everything, so why would I begin to evaluate my relationship with other Bitcoiners with such a throw away phrase?

The more accurate expression to describe the unique relationship is: Bitcoiners agree on the essentials.

Of course its not “everything” - not even close! But it is the foundation for an abundant, hopeful and peaceful future. Being aligned on the most consequential aspects shaping our world is a shortcut to realizing the Old World political camps we’ve inherited are NOT the most consequential aspects shaping our world. We’ve known the two party system, red team vs blue team dynamics we’ve been brainwashed to accept are fallacies, we’ve just never had a concrete solution until recently. Now we have Bitcoin. We can cut through the BS of small talk and petty comparison games with other Bitcoiners. Meeting with other Bitcoiners IRL (most likely after connecting with them on Twitter) allows us to be even more steadfast in our confidence that Bitcoin is the solution. When we are reminded consistently that there are many others like us, quietly building inroads in various quarters of influence, we can't help but find even more hope about the future.

Personally, I can't wait to kick it with Saylor someday; and I hope you’ll be there too!

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