Pay Me in Bitcoin Now a Reality

Carolina Panthers Left Tackle Russell Okung Teams-up with Strike to Receive half of $13M NFL Salary in Bitcoin

LOS ANGELES, CA (December 28, 2020): When two-time pro-bowl left tackle Russell Okung, tweeted “​Pay me inBitcoin​” last year, he was quite serious about the request. Today, Okung and Strike are excited to announce apartnership that will make this dream a reality for Okung. This announcement also paves the way for otherprofessional athletes as well as anyone interested to receive a portion of their salary in Bitcoin. During the2020/2021 NFL season, Okung has received a sizable portion of his $13MM NFL salary in Bitcoin – an industryfirst.

For the past 2 seasons, Russell has lobbied both his former team, the Los Angeles Chargers and his current team, theCarolina Panthers, to help make this vision a reality. Thanks to Strike and the creative payroll solutions presented bythe Panthers front office–which fully comply with current NFL and NFLPA policies and procedures–Okung willbecome the first professional athlete to receive Bitcoin in exchange for his labor on the field. This is a significantmilestone on the road to increased Bitcoin adoption and a major victory for proponents of a Bitcoin circulareconomy which starts by getting paid in Bitcoin.

“Money is more than currency; it’s power,” said Okung. “The way money is handled from creation to disseminationis part of that power. Getting paid in Bitcoin is the first step of opting out of the corrupt, manipulated economy weall inhabit. Bitcoiners are not only disrupting the status quo, we are reclaiming power that is rightly ours. PAY MEIN BITCOIN today becomes a reality thanks to Strike and the Panthers front office. This is the acknowledgement ofa new way, a new path and a new future that recognizes diversity in finance and a reclamation of true financialcontrol.”

“Strike users can easily spend wherever bitcoin is accepted and with the launch of our bitcoin payday producteveryone has a simple way to get paid in bitcoin” announced Jack Mallers, founder and CEO of Strike. “Todayanyone can sign up for early access at” With no fees, and features like cashback, Strike offers thecheapest way to buy, spend, and send Bitcoin. Strike is the first app that lets your bank account interact with theworld’s first natively digital asset class and payday is the first of many products launching in 2021.

About Strike

Strike is a mobile payments company that enables its customers to send and receive money instantly with zero feesanywhere in the world. Strike was founded by Bitcoin industry veteran Jack Mallers who realized using thetechnology of the Bitcoin and Lightning Networks could create a superior consumer payments and bankingexperience. Strike is available for iPhone, Android and Chrome and is one of the highest-rated financial serviceapps on the App Store and Play Store. To learn more about Strike, please visit:

About Russell Okung

RussellOkungisaProBowllefttacklefortheCarolinaPanthersandco-founderofBitcoinis_.Okungwasthe6thoverall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft selected by the Seattle Seahawks out of Oklahoma State University. Okung waspart of the Super Bowl XLVIII Champion Seattle Seahawks. More information on Russell Okung and Bitcoin is_ canbe found at​

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